When Hoffmann-La Roche has acquired Boehringer Mannheim, Boehringer just had started a global Middle Managers Development Program. This program aimed to align executive learning and development to Boehringer Mannheim’s business strategy. The announcement of the acquisition created a high level of uncertainty throughout the organization and long-term investment in executive development came into question in that phase. In my role as the program leader, I have worked with Boehringer Mannheim’s top management to stick to its plan eventually and used the program in addition to its original goals as a tool for communication and exchange of experience among its middle management in this crucial times in the history of the company.

The results and conclusions of Boehringer Mannheim’s “Executive Management Program” were published in Published in Business Driven Action Learning – Global Best Practices, Yury Boshyk, 2000, MACMILLAN PRESS LTD.

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