80% of executives expect alliances and collaboration becomes a critical driver of revenue in the next years. Companies are expecting revenue contribution from alliances from currently 19% to 47% in the next 5 years. 97% of corporate development executives expect that strategic alliances will increase in their organisations.

However, most companies have no process in place to make their people collaborating constructively and leave them alone when stakes are high. So, uncertainty and politics are getting on top of the real issues, which results that more than 60% of alliances do not go beyond their first product and the failure rate of transformational projects is about 75%.

With "Discovering Common Ground" we install a framework for lasting and sustainable transformation in your organisation. It enables your people to deal easier with change and makes them aligned and committed. Your key people are building jointly the future of your organisation. They will experience that working with this framework will focus them and their people on their business issues and will build and extend trust among them, the fundamental pre-requisite of every successful company.



  • Application of a diagnostic process for building the basis for common goals
  • Workshop(s) to develop together the way forward and sort out issues to be solved
  • Action plan execution with persistent monitoring
  • Intensive and transparent communication
  • Selection and coaching of key position holders

Your return on investment

  • You will get an optimistic and engaged workforce and an agile organisation
  • Your teams get refocused on the real issues and get enabled for high performance
  • Your way of building, regaining and maintaining trust
  • Having your key position holders at the right place
  • Building your unique corporate culture which raises your competitiveness