The biggest productivity reserves are in the constructive behaviours of people. However, this is an untapped treasure in many organisations as it is common experience that people get often distracted by uncertainty, internal politics and competition against each other. The lack of collaboration mostly expressed in poor relationships might be the #1 cause for organisational failure.

Discovering Common Ground is a tool to be used when stakes are high and when politics are getting on top of the real issues. It refocuses people on solutions and what they can achieve together. Discovering Common Ground promotes collaboration across organisational boundaries. It is a tool for building, regaining and maintaining trust. The resulting collaborative working environment and the concentration on results lead to competitive advantages.


  • Preparation with the different teams working independently on their view of the solution
  • Workshop(s) where the teams discover their common ground, develop together the way forward and sort out issues to be solved
  • Implementing the processes agreed and monitoring the results

Your return on investment

  • Your teams aligned in building the future
  • Your teams get refocused on the real issues
  • Your way of building, regaining and maintaining of trust
  • A tool to address inconvenient topics
  • Building your unique corporate culture which raises your competitiveness

The application of this tool leads to competitive advantages through disciplined work and consistent follow-up on the agreed action steps. This tool includes also supporting you in targeting inconvenient topics. With Discovering Common Ground your teams work together based on their communalities, the trust they have gained and on mutual respect.