Having the right people at the right place is decisive in the competitive race of every company. When a key position needs to be filled, making the right selection is one of your most critical investment decisions you can think of in your business. However, very often the focus is on hard skills, because they are easier to check and still most of the people are selected by what they can do than who they are.

Talent, strengths, values and character are the things people have and can hardly learn. Nearly everything else can. This is where selection becomes so critical.

RightPlacing is a way to select people for key positions focusing on their attitude / value set and their success strategies. It provides clients with a sound base for decision-making for crucial appointments and therefore lowers the risks of costly misjudgements.



  • Work related Biographical Interview (together with Top Manager concerned or Direct Manager)
  • Analysing success strategies and value set
  • Personal Development Plan incl. monitoring of action implementation
  • Coaching

Your return on investment

  • Enabling you to have the right people in the right place and retaining your key people
  • Provides you a tool for quick and sound clarification for your important personnel decisions
  • You offer your top performers an honest and unbiased self-reckoning
  • Development actions selected based on your business needs only
  • Sustainable impact  on the competitiveness of your business
  • Increased self-sufficiency through knowledge transfer
  • Access to a bank of experience in international business