Superior technologies and products will not be enough anymore for staying ahead of the crowd. As nearly everything can be copied rapidly, there is not much left but

Building your inimitable competitive advantage and unleashing idle productivity 

  • The particulars of your superior customer value
  • The attitude of your people and their commitment to deliver 
  • The capabilities and behaviours for executing your strategy

Competitive Impact delivers strategic hands-on solutions building competitive advantages and enhancing the productivity of organisations, teams and individuals. You will get equipped to tackle the challenges of translating your corporate strategy into hard-edged business results and growth.

Competitive Impact brings together a portfolio of proven, breakthrough Organisational- and People Development tools that are applied and coached into your organisation.

Competitive Impact secures implementation of these tools to become part of your way of working, providing a foundation for sustainable competitive advantage. 

Competitive Impact's products include:

  • Systematic Strategy implementation and measurement techniques that make strategies reality   >>read more
  • Alignment Tools - directing people towards common goals thus creating a high calibre, dynamic resource able to exceed company goals   >>read more
  • Selection and Development techniques - that ensure you having the right people in place   >>read more
  • Management Coaching - enabling you to cope better with current and future challenges   >>read more  
Competitive Impact offers a synergistic range of products and services that are available from one source, generating compound benefits for you. Competitive Impact's products are focusing on unleashing idle productivity, therefore generating your competitive advantage.


Wolfgang Kissel founded Competitive Impact in Australia in 2008, utilizing his some 20 years experience working across the globe for major multi-nationals, small businesses and as an entrepreneur. He has summarised his wealth of experience in 12 major learning points, presented below. All services and products Competitive Impact delivers have been applied and implemented by Wolfgang generating tangible returns for the businesses involved.