"I have come to know Wolfgang as a strategic thinker who is focused on results and performance and getting things done. Wolfgang’s outstanding competence is in leading people and teams in fast changing environments. He is dealing well with stress and uncertainty, which made him a stable element. He has a reputation of being utterly dependable. Wolfgang is appreciated as a person who is very loyal and cooperative. His sound judgement made him a welcome advisor on all management levels. Wolfgang will prove to be an asset for any person or organization that he works with."

Timothy C. Tyson, CEO, Valeant Pharmaceuticals International

now Executive Chairman and acting CEO Aptuit Inc.

"I have worked closely with Wolfgang on several projects in the past six years. I value Wolfgang’s capability to analyse complex situations clearly.  He has the ability to bring inconvenient topics to the table and to treat with respect all of the constituents in a challenging situation, and with his “can do” mind set get them solved. I benefited directly from his skills, judgment and perspective when founding Legacy Pharmaceuticals.  I trust and rely on Wolfgang, and I recommend him highly."

Michael R. Danzi, CEO, Legacy Pharmaceuticals International

"During the years that Wolfgang and I worked together, I found him to be the utmost sounding board whenever I needed honest advice. His counsel was sought by all of the senior members of our team. He is right to the point and tackles the real issues without bias or being political, even when stakes are high. He successfully introduced many innovative concepts regarding organizational development and talent management. In addition to understanding the concepts, Wolfgang is a hands-on leader and delivers tangible results. His ability to bridge various cultures is excellent. I found Wolfgang to be the most humorous German I have ever had the pleasure to have met!"

Michael Kays, Senior Vice President Global Supply,
Valeant Pharmaceuticals International

"Wolfgang has worked with me as an Executive Sponsor when my company, Human Capital Associates, implemented Operational Excellence (Lean Six Sigma) in Valeant Pharmaceuticals. I found him to be extremely dedicated in helping his employees learn the application and importance of this program for their company. Wolfgang demonstrated enthusiasm, the ability to get things done, persistence, and perhaps most importantly when dealing with change, patience. His work was global in nature and due in no small part to his efforts, his company achieved four straight years of exceeding Operational Excellence targets both in financial return and cultural shifts desired. I would gladly work with him again in any endeavour."

Timothy D. Gill, Executive Associate, Human Capital Associates, USA
Brigadier General. USAF. Retired

"Wolfgang has coached and guided me during our common years in Valeant. It has been a true privilege to work with him and I am sure that my career development would, in many ways, look different without him. The heritage he left with me includes a very structured and consistent approach to the business, timeliness, honest and gentlemanly way of giving feedback (whether positive or negative), dedication to help other people be successful, the importance of competitiveness on different levels, etc.; I hope I have been/am/will be able to deploy some of it in my work."

Ivica Borcic, Director Operational Excellence,
Valeant Pharmaceuticals Canada

"Wolfgang has worked with me and my company on several projects in a highly cooperative way. Especially in the difficult times his company went through, he acted as a bridge between the tough business goals and the human needs in such times. As a business partner, I got to know him as a trustworthy person and I always could rely on him."

Jim Scandura, CEO, Impact Management Services, USA

"I worked extensively with Wolfgang Kissel on project that revolutionized the manufacturing strategy of a leading pharma company - the HR implications were massive involving closures and job losses. However, Wolfgang's strength was his insight into the big picture business issues and the vision of the company - bringing that insight to the fore ultimately made change happen!"

Tim Kaye, Proprietor, PR+ International